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Modern Architecture

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Paula Roofing LLC- A Tradition of Excellence


We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over 30 years ago; providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our city and delivering exceptional quality work.


Architectural shingles resemble natural slate & feature large tab and unique shadow lines for an added look of dimension.

Villa 900 Expresso Blend by Boral. Villa 900 emulates beautiful Mediterranean styles found in Italy and Southern France.


The turret is perhaps the most challenging of all roofs structures because it's a cone. Typically it takes many years of experience to master the turret. In the past it was necessary to manually trim or shape each tile and then carefully fit them on the tapering surface. Up until now this has been a painstaking, time consuming method that is, in many cases trial and error.

Boral Saxony 900 Slate Tile offers graceful beauty, rugged strength and enhanced curb appeal. No matter where you live, it’s the perfect choice for any climate. In addition, concrete roof tile is an excellent insulator, keeping your home or commercial building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping reduce energy costs.

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